How to earn Bitcoin as Publisher
A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Publisher on Affizy Network!πŸš€ Ready to turn your clicks into crypto earnings? Dive into our comprehensive tutorial on how to kickstart your journey as a publisher on Affizy Network. From setting up your account to earning instant rewards, we've got you covered.Join us as we explore the ins and outs of sharing campaigns, generating clicks, and withdrawing your earnings.

Welcome to Affizy Network, the frontier of affiliate marketing revolution!

At Affizy, we've redefined the game, offering a platform that not only rewards publishers for their clicks but also empowers brands to reach new heights. Our unique approach, featuring campaigns like "Earn per Click," "Commission per Sale," and "Commission per Lead," opens up a world of earning possibilities.

With instant rewards, transparent tracking, and a user-friendly dashboard, Affizy Network is your gateway to earning crypto effortlessly.


Let's Learn How To Earn Bitcoin as Publisher


🌐  Explore Affizy Network

Access our Application: Affizy Network.

πŸ“Β  Create a Publisher Account
Create a publisher account by providing your details and BTC wallet address for earnings.

πŸ’° Welcome Bonus - $10
Upon registration, you'll be redirected to the dashboard with a $10 Welcome Bonus in your balance.

πŸš€Β  Discover Campaigns
To earn more BTC, go to "Banners & Links" and explore active campaigns for your profile and country.

πŸ”Β  Campaign Details
Each campaign has specific rules. For example, this one is "Earn per Click" – you can earn $0.10 for every click.

πŸ–ΌοΈΒ  Get Campaign Code
If you're a website owner, copy the campaign banner code. Your unique link is already embedded.

πŸ“ΈΒ  Content Creators
Content creators can download images and share them on platforms like Stories using their unique link.

πŸš€Β  Generate Clicks
Let's generate clicks! Share your campaigns and watch the earnings grow.

πŸ’΅Β  Instant Rewards
Instantly receive $0.10 for every click, visible in your app dashboard.

πŸ’ΌΒ  Track Earnings
Check your total earnings for each campaign in the "Banners & Links" page.

πŸŽ‰Β  Withdrawal
Once your balance hits $100, withdraw the funds, and receive Bitcoin directly in your wallet.

🌟  Campaign Variability
Note that this was a demo campaign; the earnings can vary based on the advertiser's budget or campaign model.

πŸ’‘ Campaign Models
Explore other campaign models like "Commission per Sale" (earn 10% of the total order amount) and "Commission per Lead" (earn a fixed value, e.g., $5 for every lead).


🀝 Contact Us
For more questions or assistance, feel free to contact us. Good luck on the Affizy Network!


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