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Affizy Network is designed to simplify and enhance the world of affiliate marketing for advertisers and publishers.

With Affizy Network, advertisers can reach new customers and publishers can earn rewards. It's a revolution in the world of affiliate marketing, making it more accessible, profitable, and rewarding for everyone involved.

Join us on this exciting journey toward the future of digital marketing!

For Advertisers

Brands start by creating their advertising campaign on the Affizy Network platform. This is made incredibly user-friendly, allowing brands to set up campaigns in just a few minutes. No need for costly marketing agencies or consultants.

The platform offers real-time tracking and analytics, giving you a clear view of the success of your campaigns. This data empowers you to make informed decisions to optimize your marketing efforts.

For Publishers

Social influencers, bloggers, and even regular consumers can create content and campaigns promoting brands. Whether it's through blogs, social media, or other online channels, you can share your message with your audience.

By creating and sharing content on your social media, you can earn Bitcoin for every transaction generated by your creatives. This provides influencers with a direct and tangible way to benefit from their influence.

Click Campaigns



Sales Campaigns



Leads Campaign



Campaigns Models

Affizy Network empowers brands with the flexibility to create different types of campaigns tailored to their specific marketing goals and budget. Here are the campaign types you can select:

Sales Campaigns: Pay Only for Conversions

Clicks Campaigns: Pay for Unique Clicks

Leads Campaigns: Pay for Registrations and More

With Affizy Network, you have the freedom to choose the campaign type that aligns with your marketing objectives and budget. Our platform's user-friendly interface makes campaign creation a breeze, putting the power in your hands.

Publishers Leaderboards

At Affizy Network, we believe in recognizing and rewarding the outstanding efforts of our publishers. That's why we're excited to introduce our Monthly Publishers Leaderboards, where the top performers stand to earn even more!

Top 3 Prizes: We're offering substantial rewards for the top 3 performers of the month:

1st Place: The publisher who secures the top spot will receive an impressive bonus of +30% of their total earnings for the month. It's a significant boost to acknowledge their outstanding efforts.

2nd Place: The second-highest performer will earn a well-deserved bonus of 15% of their monthly earnings, recognizing their strong contributions to our network.

3rd Place: Even the third-place publisher won't go unrewarded. They will receive a bonus of 5% of their earnings, acknowledging their valuable role in our community.