How to add AFZY on Trust Wallet
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Hi again partner, today I will show you how to add my asset on Trust Wallet (a really trusty mate).

So I let you know this informations here with text or you can watch the video, you choose.

Video Tutorial

Text Tutorial 

  1. Download Trust Wallet for iOS or Android
  2. Create an account - save the keyphase (the 9-10 words from register step)
  3. Login to Wallet
  4. Right Top corner (iOS) you will find this things press on them.
  5. Now search for AFZY and you will see this
  6. But we have also THIS
  7. Add my contract address: 0x5FdCb03779C93630138679A017b38a9723bec1E7
  8. And thats it, see you in the network!


Promo/Ad/News/etc: The first 100 users who complete the tutorial we offer 1000AFZY, each.

Send me your AFZY address here

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