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We are looking for team members, all job types are available only for remote working.

Legal Advisor

Looking for Legal Advisor and Consultant

As we all know, AFFIZY Network are unavailable right now. Being a big project for us, most important thing is legal policy.

We searching for a person to create the legal policy for AFFIZY Network.

Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Brand contracts, Affiliates Contracts and the documents included in “Legal category”

For more informations about this post we recommend you to schedule a call to discusse.

Community Manager

Looking for Community Manager

Keeping in touch with our community is very important for us, we are looking for someone with good skill comunication and great knowledge about our project and upcoming plan.

Looking for someone who can create a good plan of communication with our brands & affiliates.

Content Writer

Looking for Content Writer

We still have a lot to speak with visitors about the features, benefits and inovation of Affizy Network. We searching for someone who can understart very well the objectives and features to create friendly words. Being a new type of affiliate marketing we want to communicate with an easy to understand documentation.

Hets have a chat about this post.

Senior Developer

Looking for Senior Developer

We found the perfect candidate to this post.

We have in plan in the next months to open new posts for this job. Stay close and be part of our team.

Thank you!

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